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Friday, July 18, 2008

All-Star Aftermath

Welcome to the 6th floor

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Billy and Scott.

Subject: How we fared

Wasn’t going to bother with an aftermath post, (Alright, I’m just lazy), but Brave Astronaut asked in a comment: So the game went on longer than many expected. Anyone up yet there on the sixth floor? Did anyone make it to the end? I fell asleep in the 13th. No drinking was involved, unfortunately. I'm just old.” So since I/we don’t get many commenter requests I figured I’d acquiesce (Never used that word before, it’s a bugger to spell), and rather than a comment reply which chances are he’d never check back to see, I’d just post.

Ann: I’m not that into baseball, and I was going to read while we watched, but Sara made me put down my book and Scott forced beer into my hands and made me pay attention. I cheated a little and didn’t always drink when I was supposed to. (See? I can too cheat when I want to Scott!) When the game (both drinking and All-Star) deteriorated, I stopped drinking and was pretty much fine.

Sara: Sara was doing fine, until Billy Wagner blew the save. Sara points out that had he not let up runs last year, the NL would’ve won that one too. While she continued playing after that, She was also doing plenty of side-drinking too. She stumbled out of here this morning to go to work not looking pleasant, and she had _two_ travel mugs of coffee with her.

Tabitha: Tabitha likes baseball the least of any of us, but that led her to really pay attention to the drinking cues rather than any of the actual game. She switched between beer and weak kamikazis, so she was pretty much okay by morning.

Billy: Billy really took to the game, and since he was off Wednesday he didn’t even have to worry about work. Even though we did stay up for the end of the game, Billy had to ask Sara the score the next morning, because he didn't even remember that we stopped paying attention to the drinking game sometime in extra innings.

Scott: Scott's really developing a crazy tolerance. We joke that no longer can we buy a six pack and split it evenly, he has to get his own. Tonight Scott may have gone overboard, finding excuses to take shots all night long. There is a disturbingly empty looking bottle of gin in the sink (and cracked) and I'm hoping that most of it leaked out through that crack and not into Scott. Scott was all ready to start up a game of asshole after the game ended, and even got as far as bringing out the cards before we groaned at him. After the game ended he decided it was a good idea to make pancakes, which made some of us nauseous and the others hungry. This became funnier in the morning when Tab, not really hungover but very groggy, sat down at the table and ended up sitting in a half cooked left over pancake. Apparently Scott was experimenting with his pancake flipping abilities..drunk and lost one. I wish I'd gotten a picture.

1 comment:

Brave Astronaut said...

I am glad to hear that you all managed to escape [relatively] unscathed.

It was a good game.