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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weight Loss

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, and Scott.

Subject: Weight Loss

The following happened in cyberspace.

Tabitha: So starting today I'm going to be serious about losing weight.

Sara: Don't we drink too much for that? ;)

Tabitha: I'll just abstain. Or nurse a Bacardi and diet coke.

Ann: I could stand to lose a few pounds too. I suspect I'm too lazy to stick to a diet.

Scott: No one needs to lose weight, you're all hot. Bar tonight?

Tabitha: I'm serious Scott.

Scott: So am I!

Sara: You know Scott, you could afford to lose a couple of pounds too!

Ann: 6th Floor Diet Thon?

Scott signs off.

Sara: lol

Ann: Maybe I'll try to stick with you for a while Tabitha..couldn't hurt.

Sara: As long as we're on a health kick, maybe I should try to curb the coffee habit?

Tabitha: Woah! That'd be a big deal. It would be healthier though.

Sara: Or I could just start drinking it black calories that way. ;)

Ann: I feel like you would have more success that way than trying to cut it out.

Tabitha: Maybe just cut back.

Sara: Only have one cup in the morning? Bah. :P

Tabitha: Could drink tea.

Sara: I could drink tea...and coffee!

Tabitha: You're hopeless.

Ann: You know, we could probably just do simple things. Cut out soda, skip dessert once a week. As long as we skipped a night of drinking here and there too.

Tabitha: The guys wouldn't like that. :-(

Ann: Like Sara said, they could probably afford to lose a pound here and there.

Sara: They rarely do the shopping anyway. All we have to do is buy healthier foods. They'd probably eat it and never notice.

Ann: I doubt that'd work. They'd just eat more. And they do still manage to buy beer, or ice cream, or other sweets.

Tabitha: It's worth a shot. I'm going to be buying healthier stuff for me anyway. I was headed to the store on my way home. Update the Google shopping list if you want something specific.

Tabitha: I have to go now ;-) ttyl.

Tabitha signs off.

*Google shopping list refers to a shared Google document we all have access to that we can add the groceries we need to. My idea. It's brilliant I know.


A Margarita said...

That is a brilliant idea! Props.

It's amazing how many calories there is in booze. I cut it out for a week, and I felt the difference. Hehe, I imagine the guys won't go for that.

Brave Astronaut said...

Then again, if you go for an all-alcohol diet, you either will pass out before you need food - or throw it up if you get too wasted. It could work.

galoncadieux said...

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