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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Take it Like a Man

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Training Wheels

As if you would expect us to be anywhere else...We're at a bar a little downtown from us. Ashley is still here, it's a little after New Years. We're having a little 'going away drink fest' for her. Surprised?

Another Tom Collins Ann? You're really on the gin tonight.”

Tasty stuff. But I'm worried you haven't had enough. Would you like this? I could get another.”

No no, I'm fine. I still have half my Bacardi and cola here.”

Fiiine.” Ann slurs.

Tequila Shots? Ann? Tequila? Tabitha. Tequila!”

Frank takes a tally, and has the server bring over six shots, only Tabitha abstaining.

Ashley: “Woah, you're going to use the training wheels? Kinda girly don't you think?” Ashley says to Scott, as he reaches for the salt and lemon.

Girly? I thought that's how you were supposed to do them?”

Bah. Do it like a real man Scott.”

Fine.” Scott puts the lemon down.

There is an exception though.”

Body ssshots! Right?”

Yeah. As long as you're licking the salt directly off a hot girl.”

Hmm...” Scott looks at Ashley and starts reaching for the lemon and salt.

Ashley: “Don't even think about it.”

Sara smacks Scott.

Cheers everyone!” Billy says, raising his shot glass, sans lemon.

Everyone: “Cheers!”

Delicious! I love tequila.” Billy proclaims, putting his glass down.

So why do they call the lemon and salt training wheels anyway?”

Beats me. Google it.”

No way I can type straight on my phone tonight. Later.”

1 comment:

Brave Astronaut said...

Oh, I get it. No, wait. Maybe I don't. But I'm sure it's dirty :)