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Monday, June 25, 2007

Milk Fight

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Tabitha, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: Milk Fight!

No! You go get it, I have to work today!”

You don't work until three! That is hours from now!”

It's a mental preparation thing! I don't want to go to the store!”

I don't care! You took the last of the milk, you go replace it!”

You're the one that wants it, you replace it!”

I bought the milk last time. You never buy anything!”

What do you want milk for anyway? Water's healthier!”

Water with cereal is just disgusting!”

Maybe you shouldn't have cereal then!”

Maybe you shouldn't have finished all the milk!”

Tabitha stumbles out of her room in a daze.

What the fuck are you guys arguing about milk at 7am for? Some of us are actually trying to sleep!”

And did either of you even check the fridge? Look! Here's another carton behind the birch beer. So you're keeping me up for nothing!”

But..this is 2%..”

Oh? Do you have a problem with that?!”

Uhhh, no. 2% is fine. Great. I love it. Go back to bed Tabitha.”

Alright. If i wake up to find out one of you used up the last of the bread, I will hunt you down. Mark my words.”

Tabitha returns to her bedroom.

2%? People drink that stuff?”

I think I'll just have a bagel.”


Starr01 said...

Very funny
"people drink that stuff?" was absolutely classic!

Living Dees Life said...

Hey, new reader here. Found you guys off "overheard in new york". Great stuff!

I use to live with about 6 people back home in Arkansas, should have thought about doing what you guys are. Very awesome Idea!

Ceetar said...

Thanks, and welcome Blaez. I guess thinking up headlines actually came in handy!