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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Killer Bunnies

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot

Disclaimer: Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot is a card game, and really fun. And insane. We highly recommend it. (And off-topic, Thanks everyone for all the New Year wishes! We hope everyone is having a happy new year so far and continues to enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy bugging my roommates about it!)

Okay! We're playing bunnies then.”

Drinking bunnies?”

Drinking always works. We never agree on the rules though.”

When you kill a bunny take a drink, when you lose a bunny take a drink.”

Drink for every carrot you get. Two for Flo.”

I've got a better idea. Instead of trying to plan when we drink, how about we just drink, and play bunnies?”

I'll make sure everyone's drinking enough.”

Well then, Scott's volunteered to get us drinks.”

Scott, I don't have a drink! You're slipping up!”

Doh.” Scott gets up and gets drinks for everyone, and Ann deals and they start playing.


I'm going to play poison cups on your sinister bunny Tabitha.”

Pick your poison!”

Why me? What'd I ever do to you?”

You've got triple bunnies.”

Fine. Violet.” Tabitha rolls, Violet is higher and the bunny survives. “Ha!”

My turn. Feed the bunny Billy.”

Ann and Tabitha are whispering to each other. “What are you two whispering about? No alliances now.”

Alliances? Now would we do that? We were just discussing what drink we want Scott to get us next.” Tabitha grins.

I don't think I agreed to fetch everyone's drinks all night did I?”

Yup. You did. Now get on it.” Ann gives Scott her and Tabitha's drink orders.

Fine, but I'm taking my turn first. I'm playing the green jello with evil pinapple chunks on Sara's Bunnies of Hazzard.”

Hey now!”

Use your defense.”

I'd have to use both. I think I'll risk it.” Sara rolls, and gets a 2. “Fuck!” Sara puts the bunny in the discard pile and Scott finishes his turn.


I can't believe this developed into a guys versus girls game.”

Sara started it!”

Did not! Frank's the one that locked us between the barriers.”

Only because you placed the first barrier! The second one just make sense if I was going to attack Ann.”

And why did you have to attack me? You could've attacked Billy.”

Because Billy never wins bunnies, so it's pointless to attack him.”

It's random! There is no way to know who's going to win each game.”

He's right though. I never win. Even though I have four carrots right now, I'm sure they must all be losers.”

Well, time to find out. My top run card reopens Kaballa's market and I'm going to buy the last carrot.”

Oh! But I have no bunnies!”

You've got a bunny in space, that counts.”

Oh, okay. Dispense with the magic carrot revealing.”

Tabitha reads through the carrot deck, until all the carrots have been eliminated except one.

Rick! Mine! I win! Haha, in your face Frank!”

Lucky! I knew I should've stolen Rick somehow. We agreed the winner gets the next round of drinks right?”

Yeah. I'm down with that, I'm tired of getting up.”

Sara gets up and does a little dance into the kitchen. “What would the losers like to drink?”

Wow, it's 2am already? Maybe nothing.”

Yeah, time flies when you're playing bunnies.”

So the losers can't drink anymore?

Just because Frank's decided 2am is late doesn't mean the rest of us can't continue drinking. Bring it on!”


The next morning arrives, and everyone is awake and has made their way to the kitchen to have breakfast. Everyone except Scott and Sara, who are asleep with their heads on the table, and a couple of empty bottles and two half-empty bottles next to them. Frank's debating what he should do to them when Scott wakes up.

I guess I never made it to bed huh? At least I beat Sara.”

How can you tell who 'beat' who?”

She fell asleep first I think..but at least I woke up first.”

Maybe that's because she out-drank you?”

I don't think so..we were on the same amount of beers and..” Scott pauses and picks up the two half-full bottles of beer. “Looks about the same..” Scott takes a big swig of his beer.

Everyone: “Eww!”

There. I drank more.” Scott looks up at everyone. “Why are you all cringing?”


Michaelpanda said...

i do believe this must be the worlds first bunny card drinking game :P

kyle said...

Almost one year later...

Pick up a "Play Immediately" card, assign a rule.

Pick up 10 Dolla, assign a rule (like "no using the word 'turn'").

5 Dolla, assign 5 drinks.

2 dolla, drink twice.

1 dolla, drink once.

Your bunny dies, drink.

Any of your die are less than or equal to 6, drink.

Say Bunnies, Bunny or Rabbit then drink. (Suggested alternative "Unnies with a 'B'")

Say Drink then drink. (Suggested alternative "consume").

I hope I've left nothing out. Myself and two others tested these rules tonight. They work very well.

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